Quality Control

Our Quality Control Department supervises the quality of the products. It is responsible for controlling every stage of the production process and testing our products while they are being operated by our clients.  


Detailed testing and certification are the guarantee of the top quality of the products. This gives our clients certainty that the final products they receive fulfils all standards and is perfectly safe.  

Quality Improvement

Under the strategy of the enterprise, the quality is continuously improved, products are increasingly innovative and new products are added to the portfolio, which makes the enterprise competitive on the demanding market of lubricants.

Tests of Base Raw Materials

The Quality Control Department also watches over the quality of the supplied raw materials and manufactured products. Every batch of the base oils and conditioners, introduced into the Production Plant site, undergoes laboratory tests for conformity with the accepted standards.

Interoperational Inspections

Every production stage is followed by inter-operational controls which provide information whether the production process is correct. These are finally followed by qualification tests required by the standards.

Under the Client’s Microscope

The reliability and high quality of our products has been repeatedly confirmed with independent tests. The tests performed at the request of manufacturers and users of machines, vehicles or assemblies have demonstrated high quality of the VECO products.