Grease characterized by high adhesion (adhesion) to metal surfaces and resistance to washing with water. Vecolit EPS-00, EPS-0 and EPS-1 greases are successfully used in industrial central lubrication systems and in low-speed closed gears and gears for electrical tools. Vecolit EPS-1 and EPS-2 greases are used to lubricate open gears. The Vecolit EPS-2 grease is a multi-purpose grease with increased resistance to water, successfully used for the lubrication of industrial equipment exposed to water, slide bearings and car chassis.

meets the requirements 

DIN 51 826,

DIN 51825: GP 00 G-30 - Vecolit EPS-00,

GP 0 G-30 - Vecolit EPS-0,

GP 1 K-30 i KP 1 K-30 - Vecolit EPS-1,

KP 2 K-30 - Vecolit EPS-2,


Product Consistency grade NLGI Dropping
point, [°C]
Welding load [kG]
00 00 190 200
0 0 194 200
1 1 200 200
2 2 203 200

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